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Joe Kidd to co-host Penang launch on 16 January

I’m stoked to announce that Joe Kidd, guitarist of Malaysia’s seminal punk band CARBURETOR DUNG, will be co-hosting a NUSANTARA Forum with me in Penang on 16 January! The event has been organised by Gerak Budaya Penang and Penang Institute, and hosted by Gareth Richards… thanks folks!

Nusantara Marco

We will discuss my experience in the Malaysian scene and the struggle of doing underground in shackled Southeast Asian societies… be there or be square!!

Here is Joe’s bionote:  “Joe Kidd is a writer, designer, musician, youth subculture researcher and music archivist. He plays guitar in one of the oldest Malaysian punk bands CARBURETOR DUNG (aka DUNG) and has been actively involved in the regional DIY hardcore-punk scene since its nascent beginnings in the late 70s. As an Asian Public Intellectual Fellow, Joe recently completed his research and academic paper on the History of Southeast Asian Punk. He is currently writing a book on the subject while setting up a comprehensive  Southeast Asian youth subculture archive.” Check out Joe’s Ricecooker website here.

And I’ll leave you with some CARBURETOR DUNG, of course!

ANGKARA play at the Book Launch

The launch at 216 Beach Street last November 28th was a succcess!!

Thanks to Gerak Budaya, Penang Institute and George Town Literary Festival for letting us bring some punk rawk into their programme!

Speedwitches, the Garrison, ANGKARA and Coma rocked it out pretty hard… see this short clip from ANGKARA‘s performance to get an idea.

Did you get your copy of the book yet?

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How are you doing folks?

We are 18 days away from the Book Launch on 28 November 2015 @ 216 Beach Street, George Town Literary Festival 2015check more details here.

COMA (Penang), ANGKARA (Kedah) and SPEEDWITCHES (Kuala Lumpur) will be performing, free of charge, for a night of 3D metal punk entertainment! Come on out to Rock out if you are in Penang!

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