Dance! On Your Grave: Paper Guns

Dance! On Your Grave from Kuching, Sarawak are a great band, and one of the few female-fronted Malaysian punk combos. They also   represent well the existence of a more melodic side to Malaysia’s otherwise very extreme punk and metal.

‘Paper Guns’ is one of their older, catchier songs. The video is funny as hell.  Malaysia is full of these 24-hours convenience stores,  and the band’s idea of rocking into one is just original, authentic and classic.

If any of you remembers bands like The Loudmouths and Aerobitch, well, that’s the territory. You will hear D!OYG‘s song ‘Civil Disorder’ in the Banana Punk Rawk Trails compilation.


There is a new Kuala Lumpur band to watch out for, Speed Witches. Featuring Emi from Tools of the Trade on bass, they play high spirited, galloping 70s-worshipping stonerrock like no one else in Southeast Asia.

I am quite happy to see how the influence of a wave of American heavy rock, and especially, the past greatness of bands like Mountain, Captain Beyond and Atomic Rooster has finally crept through the wastelands of Central Asia, leaking through the Malaysian Peninsula…

Will this be the beginning of a new trend, and a welcome addition to other Malaysian heavyweights of doomy tremolos like Daighila and GAUR?