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Save 25% on PRE-ORDER and Read FREE Chapter

How are you doing folks?

We are 18 days away from the Book Launch on 28 November 2015 @ 216 Beach Street, George Town Literary Festival 2015check more details here.

COMA (Penang), ANGKARA (Kedah) and SPEEDWITCHES (Kuala Lumpur) will be performing, free of charge, for a night of 3D metal punk entertainment! Come on out to Rock out if you are in Penang!

HERE’s THE SCOOP: between NOW and 25 November 2015,  PRE-ORDER your Banana Punk Rawk Trails copy at 25% discount!

Pay 36RM instead of 48RM!!

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A Friday perk for you readers:




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ONE person among the first 50 to subscribe will be sorted and will receive a FREE COPY!!  (Note well that the book will ship after release date, 28 November 2015)

The others will keep receiving news and promotions. Which will include discounts and other perks… so no worries, your email won’t be given away for nothing. It’s a fair, devilishly exchange.

1) Look left and up the left column, chimp. There is a SIGN UP form. Let it do its magic.

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OFFER LASTS UNTIL 50th person signs-up.

GOOD LUCK! And share this wherever you feel worth, thanks.

Kemenyan Book of Metal Magic

KemenyanBookofmetalSorceryAttention all Malaysian metalheads and borderline punks, for there is another book  worth buying and reading in this fall of 2015!

I’m talking about Kemenyan — Book of Metal Sorcery by Rammy Azmi – also known for being late Blackfire‘s guitarist, drummer of Wreckar, and man behind Faithcraft Productions Records and blog.

This book collects the best interviews, all in English, that Rammy published in his fanzine Kemenyan. The interesting thing about this book is the presence of pretty controversial bands such as AS-SAHAR. Their views are reported here for historical and archival sake, precises Rammy. “I don’t necessarily have to agree with what they say, but by negating the existence of such bands, we force a piece of history of Malay/Nusantara metal to be forgotten in the cracks of time,” he precised to me via email. And I cannot agree more. Continue reading Kemenyan Book of Metal Magic